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Teaching in the Interactive Classroom



This course is designed to introduce the digital interactive classroom. Participants will use the Smart interactive whiteboards and Smart® Notebook software to explore and create interactive lessons by content level.  This course will show teachers how to use the new Smart Senteo interactive response system that will be used as an assessment tool to support the classroom instruction.

Other emerging technologies such as the tablet pcs, document cameras, classroom management software, ipods, and other web tools such as blogs and wikis will be used to support the interactive classroom.


This course will cover: 

  • Interactive Whiteboards  as tool for teaching and learning in the classroom
  • Explore the whiteboard software and notebook features

  • Create lessons that support the interactive response systems (Senteo and others)

  • Lab and Classroom Management software for student student interaction will be used.

  • New and emerging technologies such as tablet pc’s, document cameras, ipods will be covered to support the interactive classroom 
    What will you learn?
    How to use the SMART Board interactive whiteboard in your classroom
    How to use Ink Aware on your SMART Board interactive whiteboard
    How to design lessons using a variety of features in SMART Notebook software
    How to use the AirLiner wireless slate with other SMART products
    How to find a variety of resources, content and additional training materials


Prior to Session 1 - Survey and Tutorials

Please take the following survey prior to the class - or csee class sign-in sheet

Optional http://www.zoomerang.com/Survey/?p=WEB2285X83CLNQ 



Links on this site are conntected to the SMART website and depending on the versions of sofwware will need to be edited as website has ongoing updates.


Updated ---

1. Class Blog - http://smartinteractiveclassroom.blogspot.com/

2. Class Wiki - http://interactiveclassroom.pbworks.com/


Day One - Session 1   

Course overview

3.  Download of the Smart Notebook Software



SMART (August 2010) Training Materials NEW handouts http://www.smarttech.com/us/Resources/Training/Training+Search


4  Orientation of the SMART board

5.  SMART Notebook Overview

     - Toolbars

      - Gallery

6.  Review of handouts, 2 minute tutorials (Teachers Hub)



Link http://www.smarttech.us/trainingcenter/material.asp



7. Ink Aware (Office 2003 and.or Office 2007?)

   - ink on a website

   - ink Word, PowerPoint and Excel

8. Gallery Essentials


8. Lesson Activity Toolkit 


   - Test 4 or 5 LAT flash files (vortex, etc)

   - Videos on LAT http://www.education.smarttech.com/ste/en-US/Ed+Resource/Lesson+resources/toolkit/tipsandtricks.htm

9. Online Resources

- Lessons

10. Interactive Websites

     - Elementary clocks http://www.time-for-time.com/swf/myclox.swf

        - Continents  http://www.kbears.com/continents.html 

        - US Maps puzzle http://www.yourchildlearns.com/mappuzzle/us-puzzle.html

        - States http://jimspages.com/States.htm

        - Interactive Games and Maps http://www.sheppardsoftware.com

        - Interactive Websites http://www.teacherled.com/all-interactive-whiteboard-resources/

        - Jackson Pollock *paint brushes  http://www.jacksonpollock.org/ 

          more to come.....

11. Video in YouTube, TeacherTube and SMART website

12. Review in Class Blog 


Day 2 Session 2


1. Review Orientating the SMART board 


SMART Notebook Software 10 Tips and Tricks


2. SMART Notebook Review

    more Advanced features

    - Pull Tabs

    - LAT


3. These videos help you to create interactive lessons that will engage your students. 
Please use Microsoft Internet Explorer to view this set of videos.
Link http://www.smarttech.com/us/Resources/Training/Training+Search

3. Flash -insert (download YouTube zamzar or video download helper)

4. Links Smart Exchange - 
    Example http://exchange.smarttech.com/search.html?q=Literacy%20Stations 
    Language ARTS lesson from NECC - Contact Colette Retrosi - Grade 2

5. SMART Recorder

6. More Adv techniques

7. Links to Lessons

8. SMART Exchange http://www.exchange.smarttech.com/index.html

9.  More Interactive Websites

10. iTunes/Podcasts and SMART blogs

11. 60 Sec TEch - Phil http://www.truveo.com/show/60%20Sec%20Tech

12.  Read SMART blogs, nings, podcasts, newsletters, etc

      Songs for the SMARTboard http://blog.teqsmart.org/2009/06/songs-on-the-smart-board/

13. Class Chat

14. Discuss Online Assigment and share back for Thursday's class


Day 3 - Session 3 online assignments - Online

More Training Options

1. Class Blog (Chatzy… post occasionally) – visit the class wiki

2. Lesson Planning and Delivery with Notebook pdf file

Use the SMART Notebook to make 3 or 4 pages on a topic you will use in the fall

- Lesson Activity Toolkit V2 Videos (matching, vortex, etc)

- Pull tab

- Get inspired World Teachers' Day Videos

3. Review the SMART notebook videos in Youtube or TeacherTube

Review links on the Lesson Activity Toolkit or any other links on the SMART site

4. SmartTech Website find two lessons and activities that you can use in your classroom

5. Interactive Websites … explore a few in the wiki and/or find a few to share

with the class

6. Thursday am .. Share back ….


7. iTunes (download) Podcast download SMARTboard podcast

- blog link to Teaching with SMARTboards

8. I will post a link to SMARTboard blogs, and SMARTboard Ning

9. Join the SMART Exchange find more lessons and idea

Explore and enjoy!


Day 4

AM - Presentations

PM - Demonstratin of Airliner, Document Camera and SMART Response System,

        Link to http://smarttech.com/Trainingcenter/material.asp for  

       Training Materials (Videos, handouts and reference material) 



Day 5

AM - SMART Notebook 

      - itunes and blogs





an Interactive White Board here are a few other options to review

Wii Low-Cost Multi-point Interactive Whiteboards Using the Wiimote

Link http://www.cs.cmu.edu/~johnny/projects/wii/ 




Interactive whiteboard, virtual whiteboard, whiteboards, mimio

More Training  

More links SMART Notebook 


Workshop links on SMART Boards


   - SMART Boards (Part 1) 

   - SMART Boards (Part 2)

   - SMART Airliner   

   - SMART Document Camera and ideas

   - SMART Podcast In - - itunes        

     - pdtogo & Blogs  

   - Smart Senteo Interactive Reponse Systes Clickers!

   - New Version Smart new version - 10


 Interactive Links

- Continents  http://www.kbears.com/continents.html

 - US Maps Puzzle http://www.yourchildlearns.com/mappuzzle/us-puzzle.html

 - Interactive Games  http://www.sheppardsoftware.com 

 - More sites coming (Note: class back channel, everyone can contribute) see blog for link 

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